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Flooring services Naples, Florida

The services provided by Miami Construction Brokers, INC include; vinyl flooring, laminated flooring, and tiling services. laminate flooring services are cheap, yet beautiful and quickly done. They are family & eco-friendly and are available in varieties that have a look-alike tendency to nature and non-natural ones as well. They have a wide range of colors and styles that will match your crazier and funky side as well.

Laminate Flooring Services Naples, Florida

Laminate flooring services are being provided by Miami construction Brokers, INC here in Naples Florida. Laminate are the new trendsetter as, they have an unlimited range of colors, styles, and prints that they are being made available, and they can also be customized to whatever the customer wants. They are not only family friendly but also cheap and very readily available. 

Laminate Flooring Pros and Cons

  • Easy Installation
  • Cost-effective


  • Not authentic hardwood
  • Improper installation problems

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Types of Laminate Flooring Services Naples, Florida

We know that everyone has precious time, which is why we are available around the clock throughout the week, not only for booking appointments but also for getting the work done. We don’t drag the work but actually try to get it done in a matter of days.

There are various types of laminate flooring services we provide in the Naples area.  

  1. White gloss laminate flooring
  2. Waterproof laminate flooring
  3. Marble laminate flooring
  4. Grey laminate flooring
  5. Painting laminate floors
  6. Light laminate flooring
  7. Laminate wood flooring

Vinyl Flooring Services Naples, Florida

Vinyl flooring services are the best option if you are looking for the cost-effective options. They are easy to install and have an unreasonably long life, kind of life forever. They don’t require special treatments. Mainly we deal with all Industrial, residential and commercial vinyl flooring. Furthermore, we have sub-categorized our top vinyl flooring installation services.

  1. White vinyl flooring
  2. Kitchen vinyl flooring
  3. Menards vinyl flooring
  4. Patterned vinyl flooring
  5. Marble vinyl flooring

We are glad to serve here with the best waterproof vinyl flooring.

Types of Vinyl Flooring Services Naples

Vinyl flooring gives an incredible look to the floor and transforms it amazingly. It lasts for long and makes the texture soothing. Below are some kinds of vinyl flooring.

  1. Black and White vinyl Flooring
  2. Vinyl hardwood flooring
  3. Vinyl plank flooring
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